Finishing Construction Works

Starting from 2005 our company had completed finishing works at more than 50 commercial and utility purpose real estate objects with total area more than 170 000 m². The main types of realized objects that form the basis of our portfolio are: offices and shopping malls, factories and industrial complexes, administration and amenity buildings in logistics centers and warehouses, hotels, supermarkets, shops, boutiques, places of worship. Over the years of work we stocked with the newest models of technological equipment and small mechanization and managed to gather a team of professionals, ready to execute the most complicated tasks for any commercial facilities.

Types works


  • underlayment
  • base leveling
  • polymer poured floors, “toping”
  • settlement of tile, granite, marble, porcelain stoneware, mosaics
  • linoleum, PVC tile, industrial carpet, tile carpet
  • parquet, parquet plank, laminated flooring
  • ceramic plinth, PolyVinylChloride plinth, carpet plinth

Walls, separation partitions, filled-in panels

  • setting of bricks and blocks separation partitions
  • assembling of gypsum board structures (partitions, trunking walls, casing)
  • machine cement plastering, limestone plastering, gypsum plastering
  • non-sand plastering (knifing filler)
  • machine and manual painting
  • decoration plastering
  • assembling of decorative panels
  • tile gluing
  • filling-in of panels (doors, windows, sliding systems)


  • plastering
  • non-sand plastering (knifing filler)
  • gypsum plasterboard ceiling
  • modular ceilings (Armstrong, Grilliato)
  • lathed ceilings

Types our activity by the examples of completed works

Industrial buildings (factories, logistics centers)

“Roshen” confectionery factory

OJSC Myronivsky Hliboproduct poultry farm, “Nasha Ryaba” TM

Publishing center

Business centers

“Domino” business center

“Fim” office center

“Atoll holding” business center

Offices of companies

Office and warehouse complex “Delta Medical”

“Ukreximbank” central branch

“Pari retail” office

Shopping and entertainment centers

“Rayon” shopping and entertainment center

“Park town” entertainment center

“Fabrika” shopping and entertainment center


“Khortytsya Palace” multifunctional complex

“Khortytsya Palace” multifunctional complex

“Khortytsya Palace” multifunctional complex

Supermarkets and shops

Hypermarket “Fozzy”

“Eko” supermarket

“Benetton” boutique

Living spaces

House Ivankovochi


Appartments Lipki

Repair works in Kyiv and Ukraine

Kauper Company offers professional repair services in Kyiv, Kyiv region and throughout Ukraine for various types of premises: offices, shops, supermarkets, hotels, business centers, shopping and entertainment centers, residential, commercial and industrial facilities. Our specialists will provide high-quality repair of offices, shops, commercial and industrial premises, as well as repairs of residential premises. We perform both cosmetic and capital repairs, offering finishing works of any complexity. Trust the construction company "Cowper" - your reliable partner in repair and construction in Kyiv and Ukraine.