KAUPER Construction Company

General contracting

Our company provides services of general contracting for building, renovation and reconstruction of commercial buildings and premises: shopping, entertainment and office centers, factories, plants, logistics centers, malls, warehouses, restaurant, offices.

Within days we can organize well-coordinated work of all our units and subcontractors on your area of building, being able to fulfil even the most complicated technical solutions and large scale volume works. Our qualified engineering and technical staff is highly integrated with our reliable, proven by years, subcontractors, which allow us to solve any tasks with maximum efficiency.

  • technical documentation development and budgeting
  • cost estimation and financing schedule
  • validation of execution works schedule
  • conduction of tendering process for subcontractors
  • site organization
  • integrated management of project
  • coordination and monitoring of subcontractors
  • design arrangement optimization
  • work safety arrangements
  • facility commissioning

Our own specialization

All types of finishing works

“Domino” business center

“Park town” entertainment center

“Ukreximbank” central branch

“Rayon” shopping and entertainment center

“Khortytsya Palace” multifunctional complex

Office and warehouse complex “Delta Medical”

General construction works

Hotel for “Osnova-solsif” staff

Secondary school # 219, Obolonsky ave.
Manufacturing and installation of metal structures

Private house, Koncha Zaspa
Roofing works

Selection of subcontractors

Ventilation and air conditioning

Water supply, sewerage and heating system

Assembling of electric power system

Structured cable systems and access system

Installation of fire safety system

Translucent structures

And other highly specialized fields…